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Running at Last

I got to run!!!!! Well, kinda. I am allowed to run 4-6 intervals of run for 30 seconds and walk for 1 minute. It was amazing and exhilarating and terrifying. In addition to worrying about my incredibly weak quads, I am also working on changing my style. This takes quite a bit of thinking power and is hard to do when your pup is LOVING the run and you can’t contain your joy of watching her zip by and get caught up in a sniff as she gets easily distracted. So….. what did I learn?

  1. My dog is incredibly cute and amazing, but I already knew that!
  2. I REALLY need to strengthen my legs.
  3. The floor is lava is a fun way to remember to pop up your feet to run. More on that in another post.

So, what am I going to do about it? First step, cuddle with the Holly pup! Next, strength train the heck out of my self. Special thanks to my running buddy, Kerry, for suggesting that our next Fleet Feet Book Club book be “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins. If there were ever a book to get your butt in gear, stop the whining, and get life done, it would be this one. Check it out if you need a swift kick to the booty to get your life in gear! So, now that I have the motivation, what the fluff do I actually need to do? Squats, squats, and some more squats with some lunges thrown in! But in all seriousness, yes, some squats, particularly with excellent form. One thing to help with my knees on this exercise is to do the squats with a band just above my knees. It’s going to help me to keep my knees from caving in and ruining the benefits of this exercise. While I have that band on my legs, I’m going to keep that small squat and do a side-step shuffle, keeping low in the pose. Follow that with a monster walk forward and backward. Then the band comes of (phew) and I need to stand in front of a mirror for this next one to check form. Keeping the hips level, I’m going to drop into a lunge position (not too deep though) and use my front leg to stand up from the squat into a full standing position and then back down. Do this one to fatigue on the bad leg, then do the same number on the good leg. Having a wall or something nearby helps for balance. Next, drop it down and do a few Glute Bridges, keeping those hips level. After 10-15, switch to single leg bridges, still keeping those hips level. Want to step it up? My amazing PT, Kari, told me to put your heels on a foam roller and bridge up that way. Are you on fire yet? Do a quick Piriformis stretch by laying on your back, crossing one foot over the opposite leg, and pulling that leg in while pushing the knee of the crossed leg out….. Does it hurt a little? You’re welcome! Follow that up with a 30-60 second plank and some birddogs. When you’re finished, pat yourself on the back and do some calf raises on the stairs, making sure you push your weight into your first and second toes. Try an explosive up and a slow, measured down. Last, stretch. Always, always, always stretch.

What exercises do you do in your routine? What else should I add? My biggest setback in all of this is wallowing in self-pity instead of getting up and getting it done. I am taking a page out of “Can’t Hurt Me” and writing notes on my mirror to get my butt in gear and get it done. What’s been your biggest hang up when it comes to strength training?

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